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A Student Designs A Tactile Set Of Tools For The Visually Impaired

The kitchen is a dangerous place, and the hazards are even greater for the blind and sight-impaired.

Most accidents that occur at home take place in the kitchen. If you’re reading this, chances are you’ve probably managed to set something aflame or slice through a finger. The risk of injury is significantly greater for the blind and sight-impaired. (Just imagine what you’d do to yourself — and your home — if you were to cook blindfolded.) Design student to the rescue: For her final project at Israel’s Hadassah College, Neora Zigler designed a set of tools with tactile cues to help the sight-impaired navigate some of the more common kitchen hazards.

The collection includes cups and spoons with ridged edges; spice bottles topped with fold-down silicone funnels and various textures corresponding to different ingredients; and pot handles with an attachable silicone splashguard that guides ingredients into the pot and prevents spillage as the contents are poured out.

While expressly designed around the needs of the sight-impaired, the collection is meant for anyone looking to guard against everyday mishaps, such as burns and messes — which, reality cooking shows have shown, afflict even the most confident of chefs.


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