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Wanted: Rocker, The Best Way To Crush Garlic

A curve of stainless steel, Rocker chops garlic using, yes, a rocking motion.

Garlic presses seem like the greatest invention on earth, until you try washing them out and the last little bits of garlic stick mercilessly to the corners, resistant to even the most vigorous scrubbing (or dishwasher cycle, for those of you who don’t live in an apartment from the Middle Ages).

Joseph Joseph, a British kitchenware company, solves that problem with a slick, simple tool called Rocker. A curve of stainless steel that looks like something out of the Georg Jensen catalog, the gadget chops garlic using, yes, a rocking motion. Stick the garlic under the mesh core, then sink your hands down on either end of the crusher and start moving back and forth. The movement compresses the garlic, forcing it up through the mesh, where it sits tight, until you spoon or scrape it into a pan. Our favorite part: Rocker doesn’t have any dark little corners for your garlic to hide in, which makes cleaning a total cinch.

Rocker costs $15. Buy it on Amazon here.



[Images courtesy of Joseph Joseph; hat tip to]

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