• 08.10.11

World’s Most Complex Dot-to-Dot Drawing Has More Than 6,000 Dots

The Mona Lisa like you’ve never seen her before.

In the church of high art, it’s something approaching blasphemy: Australian artist Thomas Pavitte has taken the most famous painting in the world and reduced it to a silly connect-the-dots drawing. Not smiling any more are you, Mona Lisa? Are you?


Mind, Pavitte’s Mona Lisa is not without distinction. It holds the “unofficial world record” for most complex dot-to-dot drawing, with 6,239 dots — count ’em.

You might wonder about the mental stability of a guy willing to while away the hours on an excruciatingly tedious activity that the rest of us grew out of in kindergarten. But who’s actually the crazy man here? It only took Pavitte 9 hours and 15 minutes to connect the dots. Da Vinci, on the other hand, worked on the Mona Lisa for more than 15 years.

[Images courtesy of Thomas Pavitte; hat tip to Today and Tomorrow]

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