A Table Designed To Teach Kids To Grow Their Own Food

My five-year-old niece recently brought home a list of her class’s favorite meals: hot dogs, spaghetti, pizza, and one oddball: cucumber and avocado sushi rolls. “Yeah, I’d like to see that kid eat those,” my sister quipped.

The struggle to get otherwise curious kids to eat vegetables is an age-old complaint. A recent trend has been to sneak veggies into other foods (remember Jessica Seinfeld’s controversy-laden cookbook?). But as disdainful as they can be about leafy greens, kids can be jazzed about projects, which is why a new table that allows kids to grow their own food — and (gasp!) even help out in the kitchen — holds promise.

Designed by Ruth Vatcher, a recent college grad, Eat Play Grow features an herb sprouting tray, a chopping board for food preparation, a ceramic watering pot, and felt pockets for storing tools and seeds. The attractive, solid-oak table will blend into most decors, and even if it doesn’t result in dramatically healthier eating habits, it will give kids a greater appreciation where food comes from — before it hits the grocery store shelves.

[Photos by Damian Drozdowicz]