Sweet Idea: New Guzzle Candies Lock Together To Create New Flavors

Natural Confectionery’s new candies present a novel (and subtly naughty) idea for making candy more fun.

The field of combinatorial candy design – think Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups, Combos, Trident Layers – may have just seen a leap forward. U.K. candy brand Natural Confectionery has introduced a new flavor dimension and a DIY element to the segment with its mix and match Guzzle Puzzle jelly treats.


The candies come in five flavors – lime, cinnamon, banana, orange, and raspberry – but, in certain combinations, they create three additional flavors: lime and cinnamon create cola, orange and banana create bubblegum, and raspberry and lime create pink lemonade. The flavor alchemy is achieved by inserting one plug-shaped candy into another ring-shaped candy (some may be put off by the heteronormative mechanism for creating new flavors, but there’s nothing stopping you from slapping two rings together).

Agencies Fallon London and Weapon 7 have created the launch campaign for the new product. Fallon’s spots feature the candies as tiny actors, with dialog supplied by actors and voice artists Matt Berry (known for the series The Mighty Boosh, among other things) and Rupert Degas. In one spot, Lime and Cinnamon GPs calls the Natural Confectionery help line asking for advice on how to meld to create Cola flavor. After some confusion over terminology, the pair gets clarity — they are instructed to slot themselves together.

And that’s the nice trick of the campaign. There’s an obvious underlying naughtiness to the nut/bolt, male/female nature of the candy design that would hardly be appropriate to explore in ads aimed, in part, at kids. But Fallon manages to make the ads kid- and adult-friendly. Fallon creative Avril Furness says the campaign is aimed at “everyone. Mums, young people… we wanted to appeal to all.”

The new spots continue in the tradition of the ongoing “Sweet Talk” campaign from Fallon, which features talking Natural Confectionery treats. The campaign will also include a YouTube-based Guzzle Puzzle juke box, which allows users to forge a new song by combining different vocal and music tracks.

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Teressa Iezzi is the editor of Co.Create. She was previously the editor of Advertising Age’s Creativity, covering all things creative in the brand world.