Simple Genius: A Kitchen Sink That Doubles As A Dishwasher

A clever concept by Ahhaproject lets you clean a sink full of dirty dinner plates at the press of a button.

Simple Genius: A Kitchen Sink That Doubles As A Dishwasher

If you’ve ever looked at a sink full of dirty dishes and wished to high heaven they’d clean themselves, then today’s your lucky day. Ahhaproject, a German and Korean design studio, has invented Eco Automatic, a sink that magically doubles as a dishwasher.

The key is a clever rotating mechanism. At the press of a button, a sink packed with dirty dishes pivots 180 degrees, disappearing under the counter, while a second sink appears in its stead. Under the counter and fully covered, the first sink kicks into dishwasher mode, rinsing plates and pans and knives as would any Kenmore or Whirlpool. Meanwhile, the second sink can be piled up with new dirty dishes. Press the button, and the sinks turn another 180 degrees, triggering the cycle all over again. In effect, it’s two sinks and two dishwashers in one.

It’s a great idea for people who don’t have enough room for a standard dishwasher or even for people who do. Loading the dishwasher can be harrrrrrd, especially for domestic dolts (that’s us!). Eco Automatic eliminates that step entirely.

The drawback: Eco Automatic is just a concept. But Ahhaproject’s Jinwoo Han tells Co.Design that Swedish appliance giant Electrolux patented the design, which is maybe good sign it could sneak into our kitchens some day?

[Image courtesy of Ahhaproject with Christian Moser]

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