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Wanted: Geometric Scarves For Wannabe Math Geniuses

Canada-based String Theory designs chic fall accessories for stylish math geeks everywhere.

Wanted: Geometric Scarves For Wannabe Math Geniuses

Yes, yes, we know the stereotype: There’s no such thing as a "stylish math geek." But these plush little scarves by Canadian textiles design studio String Theory —- get it? Like string theory" But also string theory" — could prove otherwise. Wear one, and you’ll look like the inside of a geometry book (every nerd’s fantasy!) without encouraging anyone to yank up your underpants and steal your lunch money.

The scarves come in a bunch of stripped-down Euclidean motifs and are produced in artisanal mills in the United States and Canada. String Theory also sells throws and shawls made of cozy materials like Alpaca, bamboo, and Merino wool. Prices range from $120 to $320. Available here.

[Images courtesy of String Theory; hat tip to Cool Hunting]