Infographic Of The Day: The Definitive Guide To Crazy Coffee Drinks

The London-based graphic designer David Staffell illustrates the important espresso-milk-foam ratio.

Infographic Of The Day: The Definitive Guide To Crazy Coffee Drinks

If you’re like me and T.S. Eliot, you’ve measured out your life with coffee spoons. But chances are, the actual amount of caffeine you consume versus the volume you drink is a fuzzier matter. If you go in for those fancy coffee drinks, you’re getting proportionately less caffeine than if you went for a straight shot of espresso, as this nifty Venn diagram, by the London-based graphic designer David Staffell, so clearly illustrates. Of course, as a coffee connoisseur, you already know all this, but it’s still cool to see it laid out in graphic shorthand.

Take the Americano, a shot of espresso diluted with a lot of water. I see it as a two-for-one: Not only do you get a caffeine kick but you’re that much closer to meeting your goal of drinking eight cups of water a day. The diagram also does a good job visualizing the all-important foam spectrum: lattes get a little (and a lot of milk), cappuccinos get more (less milk), macchiatos get the most (and the least amount of milk). Bear in mind that we’re talking ratios here. Now if you’ll excuse me, it’s time for another trip to the coffeemaker.

[Top image by bfishadow]

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