Six Of Dieter Rams’ Greatest Hits For Braun

It’s no secret here that we’re huge fans of the Rams. Perhaps no designer on the planet has been more influential on object culture–it’s because of his “less is more” philosophy that our gadgets exhibit such sleek, intiutive restraint. Last Friday was the SF MOMA opening of “Less and More: The Design Ethos of Dieter Rams,” an exhibition that originated at the Design Museum with a beautifully designed catalog.

Best known among Rams’ voluminous work are his products for Braun, a German corporation that pioneered state-of-the-art radios and audio equipment. His experimentation with new materials and minimalist styling brought grace and dignity to common household appliances–even the hair dryer becomes a revelation in Rams’ hands.

While the exhibition features plenty of Rams’ mid-century design icons created for Braun (which hold up surprisingly well today) and other companies like Vitsoe, it also has another component, featuring contemporary products that adhere to his celebrated Ten Commandments of Good Design. The opening of the show is extremely timely in light of Steve Jobs’ departure, since Rams’ work for Braun has absolutely influenced almost every aspect of Apple’s products.

Here are six of Rams’ most celebrated works for Braun.