Wanted: Grid-It, A Carrying Case That Holds Everything


Wanted: Grid-It, A Carrying Case That Holds Everything

Open your bag right now, and tell me what you see. Your sunglasses choked by a tangle of USB cables. A pen impaling a tube of opened lipstick. Headphones irrevocably intertwined with car keys. A pack of Orbit gum, its pink pieces scattered along the bottom of your purse like confetti. What a mess.

Grid-It, designed by Orange22 and licensed to Cocoon Innovations, thinks it can help. This nifty storage solution is made for keeping our odd-shaped necessities orderly, untangled and easy to find. Actually, they call it an “object retention system” — which just sounds disciplined, doesn’t it?

Rubberized elastic bands create a basket weave along a rigid, yet cushiony polyester backing. You tuck your belongings under the straps, where the combination of tension and grippy bands holds everything tightly in place. Unlike a series of pockets, the stretch and flexibility of the bands can accommodate a range of items, and the platform keeps them visible — preventing the blind digging we’ve all had to do as we sort through our messenger bags for our devices: phone, no… camera, no… iPod, yes!

Grid-Its come in a dizzying range of sizes, from a laptop-shaped organizer to a tiny pocket model. While I can’t see sticking something that could potentially grow bulkier than a wallet into my pocket, the ones made to fit within our purses and briefcases might be the best solution I’ve seen yet for managing the endless connectors and cables that tag along everywhere we take our computers. What’s perhaps the best application of the design probably won’t pass muster with the TSA: I’d love to strap all my toiletries to one of these instead of tossing them in a plastic bag to go through security. A girl can dream.

The newest Grid-It innovation, and perhaps the most useful, is the Grid-It Wrap, which cleverly stashes an iPad or laptop within its cushioned sleeve. Most of the cases made for those devices focus on being thin and streamlined instead of taking peripherals into consideration, so it’s great to see a solution where you really could strap everything you need to the only thing you want to carry.

Grid-It was recently named a Core77 Design Award winner, and is available in Apple stores nationwide. Grid-It Wraps start at $24.99 at Cocoon.

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