• 08.30.11

The Man Behind Lady Gaga Unveils His Own Pop-Up Shop

Walk, walk fashion baby…

The Man Behind Lady Gaga Unveils His Own Pop-Up Shop

Nicola Formichetti, Thierry Mugler creative director and stylist to Lady Gaga, will open his first temporary shop in Manhattan next week. The place has sliced-up mirrors exploding off the walls and ceiling that warp everything in their path like some kind of giant, demented disco ball — not terribly unexpected from the guy who gave the world Gaga, the butcher-shop queen.


New York-based Gage / Clemenceau Architects designed the space. As they tell it:

The installation is comprised of hundreds of robotically cut, mirrored facets, mounted to lightweight composite structural backing. These individual reflective facets are hung from the ceilings and walls, and attached to the flooring. Each facet is attached to its neighbors using a system of precisely bent aluminum clips. Large sheets of mirrored, abrasion-resistant, plastic sheets cover the floor and help to produce an endlessly reflective environment that refracts the clothing so that it can be viewed from a variety of unexpected perspectives.

The shop will show Mugler runway pieces and garments Gaga wore for albums and videos, Formichetti told New York magazine recently. It’ll also sell more quotidian stuff like jewelry, T-shirts, hoodies, and iPad and iPhone accessories.

We’ll take the meat case, please!

[Images courtesy of Gage / Clemenceau Architects; hat tip to New York]

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