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Wanted: Sinch, A Magnetic Cord Clasp For Your Smartphone

Ever wound your headphones onto your phone? Sinch helps keep them there.

Wanted: Sinch, A Magnetic Cord Clasp For Your Smartphone

We’ve opined before about the pain of cord overload that makes our messenger bags look more like a vat of electronics spaghetti. But we still haven’t found a winning solution for making our headphones behave while keeping them close to where we actually use them. Enter the Sinch, a simple, good-looking solution for de-tangling our devices that’s designed by frog.

The Sinch’s magic is in its simplicity. An elastic band fitted with magnets slips through the audio connector on your phone or MP3 player. The strip flattens along the back face of your device, which means it won’t get in the way as you’re using it. When you’re finished using your headphones, simply wrap the cord around the device and use the magnetic strap to secure it.

Where most cord collectors allow you to bundle up your wires using spindles or Velcro, they don’t allow you to keep the bundle attached to your device, which is kinda the point—it only really helps to have your headphones orderly if you can find them quickly when the time comes to put them on. The Sinch allows you to wrap cords around your phones or tablets just like you normally do, but the elastic band helps the cords stay put. This idea is extra smart because it plays upon a certain action that almost everyone has done with their devices and it doesn’t add yet another bulky peripheral.

According to frog, the Sinch is also unique due to the firm’s collaboration with engineers at Dune Road Design. Instead of taking a completed concept to the manufacturers, the designers and engineers worked on an integrated team from the very early stages of development.

The Sinch is available in black or white for $15.99 at