• 09.12.11

Playing Cards That Double As Typeface Trivia

I’ll trade my Helvetica for a Gill Sans, please!

Playing Cards That Double As Typeface Trivia

I’m terrible at card games. I’m even worse at identifying typefaces. (As a design writer I probably shouldn’t admit that, but oh well!) Now, thanks to Adam Bauer I can brush up on both.


Bauer, a recent grad of the Art Institute of California in San Diego, has designed a set of “typography cards.” They work just like regular playing cards, except that they’re decorated in 52 different fonts, one per card. So if you’re awful, like me, at distinguishing between Trade Gothic and News Gothic, the deck serves as an excellent reference tool. Who knows, maybe associating fonts with specific cards will help commit them to memory?

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At minimum, they’re nice to look at. Most of the big-name typefaces are there (where the hell’s Georgia, though?), and they occupy relatively appropriate positions in the deck’s hierarchy, to boot: Trusty typographic patriarch Helvetica is the ace of spades; classic Bodoni the ace of diamonds; and young, beloved Gotham the jack of hearts. Guess where Comic Sans and Papyrus fall.

Bauer tells us that the cards will be for sale soon. Check his website, called Beaver Creative (I don’t even want to know why), for updates.

[Images courtesy of Adam Bauer; hat tip to The Dieline]

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