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Wanted: Buckycubes, An Addictive Toy Inspired By Bucky Fuller

If you smashed together a Lego set and a stress ball, you’d get something approximating Buckycubes. Made of 125 rare-earth magnetic cubes, it’s a desk toy that can be endlessly bent, folded, slid, stacked, and otherwise fidgeted with for no reason whatsoever except that fidgeting with stuff is fun.

Buckminster Fuller is, of course, the namesake here, presumably because the cubes let you create in miniature all the wild projects he built and dreamed of. Okay, maybe not all of them. They’re only magnets, after all. (But for the safety of your deskmates, that’s probably a good thing.)

Buy a set for $24.95 here.

[Hat tip to Swiss Miss]