• 09.23.11

Katie Bell, An Artist Who “Paints” With Torn-Apart Houses

Katie Bell “paints” using stuff like blinds, vinyl, and linoleum flooring.

“I am both a homemaker and a home-wrecker,” Brooklyn artist Katie Bell says. She means that last part literally. The recent RISD grad pulls up carpets, raids closets, and tears down window shades to find materials for her art work. Then she organizes them into wildly abstract compositions: One has floor boards criss-crossing every which way; another has broken blinds jammed into what looks like someone’s wool blankie. Bell is upending the domestic sphere in a very real sense (while nodding to Robert Rauschenberg, one of the big chest-beating heroes of the male-dominated art scene of the 1950s). Betty Friedan would approve.


[Images courtesy of Katie Bell]

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