• 09.29.11

Honoring Richard Barnes, Photographer Of Taxidermy And The Unabomber Cabin

The Julius Shulman Institute opens an exhibit on one of America’s leading architectural photographers October 9.

The Julius Shulman Institute is set to unveil an exhibit on the work of architectural photographer Richard Barnes. Barnes, who’s based in New York, has a knack for coaxing beauty out of unlikely places: He has snapped photos of unfinished dioramas at natural history museums. He has made flocks of starlings look like Pointillist paintings and the Unabomber’s survivalist cabin appear like some sort of high-minded art installation at a kunsthalle. Richard Barnes: Unnatural Spaces includes these images, and many others, which “take a provocative look at the way architecture is both a complicit partner in, and also an unwitting subject of, the practice of presentation.” The exhibit opens October 9 at the Ahmanson Main Space at the Woodbury University School of Architecture in California. More information here.


[Images courtesy of the Julius Shulman Institute]

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