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A Cutting Board That Doubles As An iPad Stand

Andrea Ponti’s concept cutting board keeps you connected even if you’re dining solo.

A Cutting Board That Doubles As An iPad Stand

Perhaps no room in your house has rolled with the constant changes of technology more than your kitchen. Even the simple task of finding a recipe has shifted with the times. Long gone are the days of searching through your food-splattered index cards and dog-eared cookbooks. With the advent of the iPad, it seems everyone is Googling what’s for dinner.

Enter Andrea Ponti, a young Italian designer based in Japan, whose Bosco cutting board is an ingenious low-tech addition to the hi-tech kitchen.

The Ginkgo wooden plank comes in two parts: a base and a cutting board. The base is notched to hold your iPad or other tablet device. That opens up your cooking process to a whole new world. Forget running to your laptop to check out the next step in your selected Epicurious recipes. With your iPad front and center, you not only have recipes at hand, but you can also control the Spotify musical accompaniment, message your foodie friends to find out what goes into a bouquet garni, and post a picture of the finished product to Facebook. And if you hate dining alone, move the base and iPad to the dining room and Skype with a dinner date. When you’re done cooking, the cutting board slips into the same notch that propped up the iPad.

Ponti cautions not to take his creation too seriously. Bosco’s purpose is “to provoke and experiment with the relationship between technology and a kitchen tool that is often dull and flat but used daily.” Serious or not, the Bosco cutting board creates a social platform–literally–for the plugged-in, at-home cook.

[Images courtesy of Andrea Ponti]


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