From Pentagram’s Paula Scher, Posters That Celebrate The Joy Of Type

Typographers rejoice–a new competition for you and your brethren has been launched! Poster collectors, you can rejoice, too–the design powerhouse Pentagram is behind the bold and clever branding.

Last week, the Type Directors Club (TDC) announced its 58th annual design competition celebrating the best typographic design of the year. That might hardly cause ripples outside the professional design world, but check out the by-product: these gorgeous posters by Pentagram’s design maven Paula Scher.


The posters are part of a larger project in which the TDC tapped Scher to create the competition’s call for entries. This year, the entire contest, from the submissions to the news blasts, will take place online. Anyone who’s been on the receiving end of an email campaign knows how tiresome those become. So Scher and her team decided to spice things up with a “liquid identity.” “I thought it would be interesting to design a digital typographic promotion that felt the same each time you saw it, but the letter forms would be entirely different in each case,” she tells Co.Design. “Recognizable but infinitely changeable. And it would be most effective if the type was animated.”

As for the posters: Scher admits she was disappointed when she learned that posters would not be sent out to announce this year’s competition. After Scher and her team designed 20 different versions of the animated logo, they decided to turn 12 of them into posters as a way to raise money for the TDC. Each poster showcases a different version of the logo, and each adheres to a few guidelines: It has both lower and uppercase letters; it features only straight lines; and it has letters that consist of a smaller form within a larger form.

The collection of posters would be an eye-popping collection on anyone’s wall–but you’ll definitely want to snap it up if your initials are TDC.

The posters are for sale on TDC’s website. A single poster is $95; the set of 12 is $900–and all posters are signed by Paula Scher.

[Images courtesy of Pentagram]