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A Stunning Handmade Bike Built Out Of Wood

On sale later this month!

A Stunning Handmade Bike Built Out Of Wood

What does a designer do after he has made wooden sunglasses, a wooden wheelchair, wooden park benches, wooden bath furniture, and a wooden poker table? If you’re Jan Gunneweg, an industrial designer in Amsterdam who says his greatest passion is wood, then the answer is obvious: a wooden bike. Actually, he has already designed two wood-framed bicycles, but his newest bike, expected to be available later this month, takes it step further and, he says, offers a smoother ride.

The real attention grabber on this bike is the addition of one thick wooden spoke on each tire that visually connects with the front fork and rear seat stay to create an ingenious optical effect that decreases the visibility of the metal spokes. They “symbolize the legs of man,” says Gunneweg. Not surprisingly, this was the hardest part to get right. “Balancing the wheels was pretty challenging because of the width of the wooden spoke,” Gunneweg tells Co.Design. He added a layer of wood inside both the front and rear rims as well.

The bike was built using solid walnut and weighs a little less than 35 pounds. For more information, visit Jan Gunneweg’s website here.


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