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No Joke: An Electronic Flower Pot For The World’s Laziest Gardeners

Forget the green thumb. Heck, forget soil–all you need are batteries, water, and a dream.

No Joke: An Electronic Flower Pot For The World’s Laziest Gardeners

There’s been a glut of products (DIY and otherwise) that supposedly make growing all types of plants a whole lot easier. It’s not enough for some of us. Some of us need more of a “Set it, and forget it!” approach to gardening.

Meet Click & Grow, the technologically enhanced, fool-proof way to usher greenery into your home. It’s a planting system composed of an electronic flowerpot and a plant cartridge. Sounds simple, right? But wait, there’s more! It needs neither soil nor fertilizer. It’s all in there.

The $70 Click & Grow starter kit includes the flowerpot and a Busy Lizzie (impatiens) plant cartridge. Once you buy the unit, you throw in four AA batteries (included), fill the reservoir with water (bottled water is suggested), put it in a spot with indirect sunlight, and you’re done. Within two weeks, your plant will supposedly sprout. And like a printer cartridge, when the lifecycle is complete, you can remove the old one and insert a refill. Other plant cartridges, like marigolds, nettle, basil, and chili peppers, cost about $10.

Granted, the whole endeavor isn’t cheap–but think of it as hiring a team of skilled gardeners for your one small plant. Mattias Lepp, the founder of Estonia-based Click & Grow, uses principles from aeroponics and hydroponics and whittles it all down to a system of sensors, processors, and software inside a flowerpot.

If you read between the lines in the company’s FAQs, there could be a rollout of different types of flowerpots in the future. But more advanced! We’re talking the HAL 9000 of jardinières. Later models could conceivably be plugged into your computer via USB or take water from the air. Ron Popeil would be proud.

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