Bacon Typography: A Delicious Use of Oink And Paper

If you’ve always wanted to meet someone who brings home the bacon, look no further than Henry Hargreaves. And this has nothing to do with Hargreave’s successful career as a model for famous fashion houses including Prada, Yves Saint Laurent, and Jil Sander. The model-turned-photographer simply decided one day to dabble in pork fat and create a bacon alphabet.

With the assistance of prop stylist Sarah Guido, he set out to create the slimy visual treat you see here. Over two afternoons, Hargreaves and Guido created and shot uppercase letters of the Gothic font Old English. “The font has a strange history, from being Hitler’s favorite font, to the most used tattoo font and the font I see every day at the top of my New York Times,” he tells Co. Design. “[The font is] detailed and intricate and bacon sloppy so I think this juxtaposition works and is a fun perversion of the natural order.”

This isn’t the first time that Hargreaves has had food products in his viewfinder. In March, we covered his colorful (and messy!) take on eggs. Since then he has turned famous mugs into mosaics of toast and created some amazing Technicolor dream-food.

Hargreaves estimates that he worked with more than 15 pounds of pork product for the photo shoot. Then he took home the leftovers and made bacon jam. Brings home the bacon and cooks it, too? Swoon!RG