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A Designer's Glimpse Of Steve Jobs In A "Good Old-Fashioned Rage"

Eds note: Below, David Laituri, former design director at Polaroid, former partner at Lunar Design, and the founder & CEO of Vers audio, recalls one of Steve Jobs’s fiery moments. The post is part of an ongoing thread in which we’ve asked readers to share their memories of Jobs.

Throughout much of the '90s I was a partner with Lunar Design located in downtown Palo Alto. I lived about a mile from downtown, and about six blocks from Steve’s house. I would often see him around town biking with his daughter or in the local Safeway checking out cold medicine. Mostly just sightings really, of an average guy enjoying life.

I do remember one particular night riding home late one Sunday evening through his neighborhood, and as I got closer to his house, I could see there was a blue glow coming from a corner window that lit up the street. Closer still and I could see Steve was giving someone one hell of a chewing out on a video conference. Lots of apparent yelling, lots of finger pointing—good old fashioned rage. Was glad I was on the other side of that window …with an escape route.

Years later, as director of design for Polaroid (the Apple of 1972), I learned that Steve was an admirer of Dr. Land, Polaroid’s founder, and that the two had met on more then one occasion. I sent Steve a short email asking him what he thought of his encounter with Land with zero expectations of a response, but to my surprise he did respond: "He was an amazing man."

You were too, Steve—you will most certainly be missed.

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