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Social Gift: A Better Way To Wish Friends Happy B-Day On Facebook

Social Gift, a plug-in that allows your Facebook friends to chip in on presents, makes long-distance gift giving easier (and cheaper!), just in time for Christmas.

Social Gift: A Better Way To Wish Friends Happy B-Day On Facebook

There’s a birthday every day on Facebook, home to 800 million users. In all those dutiful birthday wall posts, Social Gift co-founder Mo Govindji saw an opportunity. Instead of just wishing someone happy birthday, why couldn’t you pool your resources, in a Kickstarter-meets-Facebook way, to actually buy your friend a gift and separate yourself from the sham friends?

The site lets you pick out a big-ticket item like an iPad or a big-screen TV or a camera and then invite your friends to chip in on it. There’s a cute video (also above) that shows how the application works, and although it emphasizes the Facebook angle, you can invite friends through email, too. You can chip in using PayPal or by credit card. Smaller items are available, as well, like movies tickets.

At the X. Commerce conference on October 12, Social Gift will debut a new plug-in that retailers can embed on their ask pages, something that distinguishes it from similar services like 8th Bridge or Friendgiftr. Once the retailers decide where they want the Social Gift plug-in to appear on their product page, a customized code is generated for them to plug in to their backend. Govindji says Social Gift’s team of developers is on hand with integration help.

Also coming soon: The ability to vote on products to give, something that Govindji says tested really well in early stages. "Everyone wants in on the decision-making process when choosing the gift," he tells Co.Design. Especially when a simple "HBD!!" won’t do.

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[Top image via IDEO]