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A Light Projection That Turns Any Room Into An Escher-Esque Maze

Bahar Yurukoglu's installation "Die Zukunft" can turn even the blankest decor into an optical illusion-infused wonderland.

A Light Projection That Turns Any Room Into An Escher-Esque Maze

Our apartment is too small for my baby daughter to have her own room, but if she did, I’d want to decorate it with something like "Die Zukunft, (The Future)": a simple-but-immersive light projection design that turns blank white walls into a shifting 3-D dreamscape.

What I love about Bahar Yurukoglu’s creation is how it plays with perspective without being too flashy about it. Stereoscopic 3-D is only one of many more monocular and inferred visual cues that our brains rely on to trigger the experience of depth perception—and looking at "Die Zukunft," at least from a stationary position, it’s hard not to think that the four walls are suddenly falling backwards into an Escher-esque maze full of gently floating shapes.

The Creators Project writes that "Die Zukunft" "seems to imagine a world of holographic displays combined with sophisticated and soothing lightning patterns that could adapt to our daily activities and ever-changing moods." Personally, I just think it’d be much cooler than a lame little mobile above a crib. But whatever your frame of reference, Yurukoglu’s design subtly evokes exactly what its title promises.

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