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What Does The World’s Most Average Typeface Look Like? [Video]

Kinda’ blurry!

What Does The World’s Most Average Typeface Look Like? [Video]

Average Font, by Austrian designer Moritz Resl, is a typeface that uses all 900 fonts installed on his computer to create the ultimate set of composite characters, as each font is overlaid on top of the other, for each letter of the alphabet.

Because he used so many typefaces to create each character, the letters tend to blur into a generic mass. “I’d regard it more likely as noise or, as some call it, ‘ghostly shapes,’” Resl tells Co.Design. This effect can be seen best on the letter F, where traces of outlying script and serif fonts hang around the form like shadows.

Resl used the popular design programming language Processing to output all the characters, but when he used the “draw” function in Processing, he just got one final image. So he rewrote the original code so that it would output every character, A through Z, separately into a folder on his hard drive.

All of the letters can be seen on Resl’s Flickr page. More information here.


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