Artist Turns iPhone Swipes Into Fancy Finger Paintings

Are you reading this on a touchscreen? If so, is it your natural inclination to take your sleeve or the bottom of your shirt to wipe away those dreaded fingerprints? Don’t do it! You’re destroying perfectly good art.

Meet artist and researcher Evan Roth (word to the wise, his site is slightly NSFW, so click with caution!). The self-proclaimed “bad ass mother f*cker” creates art using his iPhone or iPod Touch. For Multi-Touch Finger Paintings, Roth simply places tracing paper over his iPhone, inks his fingers, and lets his digits do the walking. So simple a child could do it (Exhibit A and Exhibit B).

The titles of his finger paintings–such as “Launch Twitter. Check Twitter. Close Twitter.” or “Slide to un-lock”–tell you exactly what routine task he did to create the swirly, smudgy patterns. But in pictures like “Sent from a device with tiny keys,” Roth gets fancy when he uses red ink for his left hand and black ink for his right.

Roth created a series of 30 Multi-Touch Finger Paintings (one for each day of September) now on sale for $340 a pop. Okay, so if I want the whole series that’s $340 times 30… Hang on while I get my iPhone because I’m gonna need an app for that. Hey, look at that! I just made my own art.

[Image courtesy of Evan Roth]