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Snow Peak's Ingenious Headlamp Converts Into A Lantern

The outdoor company delivers high-performance headgear that easily turns into overhead lighting.

Snow Peak's Ingenious Headlamp Converts Into A Lantern

As an outdoor adventurer, I’m no Jon Krakauer. But if I had more of a penchant for roughing it, I’d want this clever LED headlamp from Snow Peak among my gear.

The Snow Miner performs dual functions. When worn as headgear, it produces a focused beam of light, which at its highest setting illuminates 130 feet in front of you. It can also be converted into a lantern by popping up the silicone lens into a dome for an ambient glow. (It can be hung on a roof tent by its hook, which otherwise nests inside the headband.)

Four different light settings can be accessed by pressing the power button (designed for the fat-finger effect of gloves): high, low, variable dim, and strobe—should you find yourself in an Into Thin Air–type emergency.

Available from Snow Peak for $49.