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DESIGNerd, A Trivia Game That Pits You Against Stefan Sagmeister And Steve Heller

DESIGNerd 100+ Graphic Design Trivia is a new game that features some 100 questions on graphic design hand-selected by "some of the most significant and respected designers in the world." It’s like Trivial Pursuit, only with Stefan Sagmeister playing trivia master.

For each edition, the game’s inventor, Australia-based Kevin Finn, asked a guest designer to "produce 100 cards of personal trivia questions which you think design enthusiasts would, should or will benefit from knowing the answers to," Finn tells Co.Design. So far he has signed on Sagmeister and the obscenely prolific design writer and thinker Steve Heller (in tandem with Lita Talarico, Heller’s co-chair of the SVA MFA Design Department). Finn, a graphic designer who produces the popular independent journal Open Manifesto, devised his own set of head-scratchers, too.

As for what exactly every design nerd should know: Finn was kind enough to provide Co.Design with some sample questions so that you, dear reader, can test if you’re as smart as Sagmeister and Heller think you oughta be. Answers at the bottom of the post.

Steven Heller and Lita Talarico:

1. Tobias Frere-Jones designed a typeface for FontBureau based on type used on roadway signs. What is the name of this typeface?

2. In 1990, Edward R. Tufte wrote, designed and self-published his first book on the history and practice of information design. It sold thousands from his garage through a few well placed advertisements. What is the title of this book?

3. Who designed the signs and graphics for America’s first shopping mall—Northland Shopping Center in Detroit?

4. In 1923, Hanover-based artist and designer Kurt Schwitters published an art and design journal, which explored the nexus between avant-garde art and functional design. What was the name of the publication?

Stefan Sagmeister:

1. Who designed the famous London subway map?

2. Who was the only designer to ever appear on the cover of Time magazine?

3. Which company published U&lc (Upper and Lower Case Magazine)?

4. When Massimo Vignelli saw one of his lamps in an expensive New York mid-century design store and inquired within who had designed said lamp, what was the sales clerk’s answer?

DESIGNerd 100+ costs $75. Future editions will feature (yet-unannounced) experts in product design, architecture, and fashion. Check back on Finn’s website for updates.

Steven Heller and Lita Talarico answers: 1. Interstate; 2. Envisioning Information; 3. Alvin Lustig; 4. Merz

Stefan Sagmeister answers: 1. Harry Beck; 2. Raymond Loewy; 3. International Typeface Corporation; 4. "That’s a Vignelli. He’s dead."