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An Artist Who Sews Paper Into 3-D Sculptures

Jennifer Collier stitches found bits of paper into cameras and typewriters.

An Artist Who Sews Paper Into 3-D Sculptures

Paper craft is at a tipping point. In recent months, we’ve covered artists who transform the commonest material into everything from outlandish 18th-century wigs to painstaking replicas of Walkmen and Game Boys. And even Bravo’s Work of Art: America’s Next Great Artist features a paper sculptor among its contestants. Now, we bring you Jennifer Collier, a British artist who recycles paper into 3-D objects by sewing sheets of it like fabric.

Not surprisingly, Collier worked with textiles before migrating to paper. "Found and recycled papers have always been my biggest source of inspirations, so it just came to be that they also became the media, as well as the inspiration for my work," she tells Co.Design. Thereby, a typewriter is crafted from typewriter manuals, a telephone from phone directories, and a camera from old photos.

They’re all pieced together using an ordinary sewing machine. "With experience and practice you just get a feel for how far you can push the paper without it tearing," Collier says. "I break surprisingly few needles."