Wanted: Baggu Goes Upmarket, With New Leather Bags

The go-to company for reusable bags adds sophistication to the mix.

By now, most consumers recognize the plastic bag as the environmental scourge that it is. And there’s now a whole host of companies in the business of supplying eco-friendly alternatives. (Ever wonder how many reusable totes you have stashed in your closet?) The problem is that while those ubiquitous canvas and nylon bags are great for a weekend visit to the farmers’ market, they might be considered a bit casual for office attire. Baggu now has urbane working girls covered, with a new line of sophisticated (and remarkably affordable) leather satchels.


Modeled on its popular Ripstop nylon shopping bags, the simple, versatile shapes are made from soft Argentine leather and come in two sizes: standard for $150 and “baby” for $120. Baggu has also launched adorable zipper pouches, also in two sizes ($30–$40). For now, they’re available in honey brown, black, and metallic platinum, with more color options on the way. The best part: They’re sewn right here in New York City.

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Belinda Lanks is the editorial director of Co.Design. Before joining, she was the managing editor of Metropolis.