Wanted: A Chic Stylus For Drawing On iPads With Hyper Precision

The Architect, by Pedro Gomes, is a sophisticated tool for sketching–and flirting?!

Remember when a Palm Pilot stylus signaled cutting-edge technology? Fortunately, one doesn’t need a small stick to operate a smartphone anymore, but a stylus can be handy for tablet users who want to bang out a quick sketch. There are a bunch of models on the market, ranging in feel from a fat crayon to a ballpoint pen. Maybe the slickest comes from Pedro Gomes, who designed the Architect out of a solid block of aircraft-grade aluminum. As the promotional video seems to suggest, this stylus is sexy enough to turn a dorky architect into a prime object of desire.


The Architect could be mistaken for a classy pen, with an anodized matte finish. All in all, an instrument you might find in the refined hand of Renzo Piano. The cap–which has a clever loop–protects a smooth 9.5-millimeter rubber tip. If you plan to use it as a flirtation tool, we don’t recommend wearing it on a lanyard.

The Architect works with all capacitive touchscreens and is available from Arctic for the pre-order price of $22.95. Units start shipping in mid-November.

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