Simple Genius: Mixing Bowls That Make Baking Foolproof

I’ve found that most cooks don’t bake. Why? Baking is a precise science. There’s no wriggle room, so if you mess up (forget an ingredient or overdo it on one), you’re screwed. And there’s very little tasting along the way. But this brilliantly simple cake-making kit, designed by Guy Benadon, could convince the most steadfast chefs to attempt a dessert. It’s really just one step beyond an Easy-Bake Oven: Load the ingredients in the order in which they appear on the ridges of the bowl, then mix, pour, and bake.

Benadon developed Cake in a Bowl as a design student at Bezalel Academy, in Jerusalem, as a way of help and spending time with his brother, Nir, who suffers from kidney disease. “He loves to bake and loves even more when people take pleasure in the things that he made, but baking is very difficult for him,” Benadon tells Co.Design. “While working with him, I learned that his main difficulty is to measure and organize ingredients. I realized that I needed to change the regular method of measuring and to adjust it into a more easy and intuitive method.”

Bona-fide bakers might scoff at the reductive technique. But Benadon says that he conducted many experiments and enlisted the help of a professional to get the order of ingredients right. And hey, any cake is better than no cake at all, right?

Sadly, the bowls aren’t available yet. Benadon recently graduated from Bezalel and is refining the design for production. If you’d like to lend him a hand, email him at