Insurance Giant XL Embraces Risk In New Logo And Branding

If you’re an insurance company trying to come up with a memorable branding strategy, you can go the gecko route and get cute, or you can do what the Dublin-based insurance giant XL did: As a company that claims to be “risk specialists,” it took a calculated risk of its own. Earlier this month, the company, which had assets of $46 billion last year, rolled out a redesigned identity based around what London-based agency Venturethree calls the “super fast forward” sign.

For a market that is, by definition, the antithesis of risk, XL consciously went out on a limb and abandoned the typical, traditional grays, blues, and burgundys that are common in the sector. Based around the tagline, “Make your world go,” Venturethree’s mark consists of three arrows that borrow from the “fast forward” sign to create the “XL” in the identity. “A lot of the insurance world talks about when things go wrong, but that’s a negative place to start,” the studio tells Co.Design. “We looked at it in a different way. Insurance is an enabler; it allows the world to move forward.”

XL has a history of innovative insurance and reinsurance solutions–it introduced political risk insurance earlier this year–and provides property and casualty products to major firms, insurance companies, and other enterprises all over the world. “In its XL form, it’s unusual, modern, and memorable,” the studio continues. “It’s a mixture of precision and imagination, just like the way XL works.”

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