A Kit That Turns Homemade Wine Into Beautiful Art

Search the web for home wine-making supplies, and you’ll be greeted by so many plastic buckets and airlocks and hoses, you’ll feel like you just stumbled onto a construction site. DIY vinification is a complex (and unsightly) affair. But it doesn’t have to be that way, as Dutch design student Sabine Marcelis shows.

Marcelis has created a simple wine-making kit that also happens to be pretty enough to throw on display in your living room. The kit comes with a pair of glass vessels, a brass stand, tubing, testing and corking supplies, and an oak base that doubles as a drawer for storing the assorted fittings.

To start the fermentation process, you pour a fruit mixture into one of the glass vessels and seal it with a cork. When the liquid’s ready to be siphoned, it’s squeezed through a tube, using the force of gravity, into a wine bottle on the oak base below. As Marcelis tells it, that eliminates a rather awkward step in the process: Typically, people have to suck on the tube to get the wine flowing.

Marcelis believes that the contraption’s beauty adds to its usability: Because it can figure prominently in a living space, people will spend more time checking on their elixir–and adding ingredients and nutrients as needed–than they would if it were hidden in the garage.

House Wine is on display at the graduation show of the Design Academy Eindhoven through October 30. More here.

[Images courtesy of Sabine Marcelis]SL