Smaller Than Your Living Room: 7 Of The World’s Best Nano Houses

Studio-apartment dwellers may feel reasonably content living a small-scale existence. But if transplanted in the country, how many would opt for a similarly sized house?

Driven by a commitment to reduce energy consumption and built space, there’s a growing trend among the eco-conscious to build tiny homes. A new book, Nano House by Phyllis Richardson (Thames & Hudson), gathers 40 of the best-designed examples from around the world–all of which showcase an appreciation for the efficient use of space, materials, and resources.

Will they inspire “real housewives” of Beverly Hills to abandon their McMansions, short of a foreclosure notice? Not very likely. But they may get a few die-hard city slickers wistfully contemplating a simpler life.

Check out the slideshow of 7 houses from the book. And if you want more, it’s available for $20 from Amazon.