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A New App Delivers Dog Photos When You Need A Dose Of Cute


A New App Delivers Dog Photos When You Need A Dose Of Cute

When I would get frustrated at my old job, a colleague, hearing my exasperated sighs from across our shared cubicle wall, would ask, “Want a dose of cute?” and a link to a dog or cat on Petfinder would appear in my inbox. Now, there’s an app to perform that same act of kindness, delivering pictures of dogs to my phone throughout the day and convincing me that there is indeed some good in the world.

Puppytime is the pet project of Ritik Dholakia, a product strategist at Method, who found himself emailing pictures of dogs to his girlfriend, Erin, in an effort to cheer her up. (Her day begins at 6 a.m. with a tough commute to a demanding job as an 11th-grade English teacher.) “And then, when I was talking to one of my designer friends, Khoi [Uong], we came up with the idea of an app that would automatically send her puppy photos whenever she wanted. Plus, it would always have a gallery of photos she could browse through if she just wanted to go into puppy heaven for a little bit.”

Puppytime is, in Dholakia’s words, “really simple, a little ridiculous, and totally adorable”: The 99-cent app sends three photos a day–you set the exact times–of disarming dogs and puppies.

We await the natural corollary: Kittytime!

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