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Georgia Builds The World’s Wackiest Border Crossing

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Border crossings are supposed to feature somber, vaguely intimidating architecture. Georgia, apparently, didn’t get the memo. The former Soviet republic commissioned German starchitect Jürgen Mayer H. to design a security checkpoint between Georgia and its southern neighbor, Turkey, on the Black Sea, and what he gave them was this: a giant concrete squiggle. Yep, a squiggle.

Mayer’s office doesn’t tell us much about the project except that the top squiggle is used as a "viewing platform" and the building is conceived so that it "welcomes visitors to Georgia."

Does that say "welcoming" to you? We can’t decide. Either it’s the world’s friendliest Panopticon tower or the world’s biggest, most sinister-looking puzzle piece.

[Images courtesy of Jürgen Mayer H.]