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Video Screen Lets You Run Against World Class Marathoner

Asics invites you to run side by side against Ryan Hall. Good luck, slow poke.

Video Screen Lets You Run Against World Class Marathoner

Think you could win a marathon? Or even place in the top five? Doubt it. But Asics welcomes you to try. The good news, dear, lazy reader, is that you don’t even have to run 26.2 miles.

Asics recently commissioned the creative agency Vitro to install a 60-foot-long video wall of Ryan Hall, America’s best marathoner, zooming along at race pace, in the Columbus Circle subway station in New York. Plucky bystanders were then invited to race against him.

No sweat, right? It’s only 60 feet, after all. Except that Hall, who has a stride length of 6 feet and 10 inches, is running a preternatural 4:46 mile. (Pretty sure the car I learned to drive on didn’t go that fast.) Take a look:

The video wall opened at the end of October, a few days before the NYC marathon, with a guest appearance from Hall (who, of course, raced against his virtual self.) The ad stays up until November 26, so if you’re in Manhattan, try it out. And if you can’t beat him, don’t feel bad. According to Vitro, no one else has yet. Not even Hall himself.

[Hat tip to Creativity Online]

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