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Wanted: The Most Fashionable Hot Water Bottle Ever

Sounds oxymoronic, doesn't it? But see for yourself.

Wanted: The Most Fashionable Hot Water Bottle Ever

What ever happened to the hot water bottle? It’s one of the most economical and energy-efficient means of staying warm during winter nights, and yet it’s gone the way of the dodo (at least in this part of the world) and been replaced by electric blankets. The switch is understandable: Which would you rather take to bed, a blanket or a smelly, rubber bladder? But a revamped design from Dutch design powerhouse Droog may be enough to bring the hot water bottle back from extinction. Its pleated cloth cover with a plush surface does a better job of trapping heat than traditional models.

Fittingly called Too Beautiful to Hide, the bottle is an extension of Wendy Legro’s 2009 graduation project at Eindhoven. (She cofounded the Rotterdam-based Studio WM last year.) "With this new design I hope more people will get reacquainted with a very simple way of keeping warm," Legro is quoted as saying in Droog’s press release. "As for other ways of local heating like the electric blanket, my mother used one at our home but for me there was a lack of charm. My goal was to give an aged product . . . the look and feel it deserves."

Too Beautiful to Hide is on sale for €59 ($80) at Droog’s online shop.