Queasy Couture Uses Moldy Bread To Make Haute Fabrics

Well, this is gross! Ninela Ivanova, a recent grad of Kingston University’s fashion M.A. program in London, has created an entire line of clothing using mold.

Yep, the same gunk that creeps up your shower curtain and into weeks-old bread is now the stuff of haute fashion. Partly inspired by a Russian documentary about mold (“It prospered in the aftermath of the Chernobyl disaster–it even grows on the outside of spaceships,” Ivanova marvels), the Bulgarian-born designer decided to grow her own fungus then transfer the patterns onto chiffon and silk. “I wanted to show that mold is beautiful and can be luxurious,” she tells Co.Design in an email. Three of the garments even feature real, live spores (enclosed, fortunately, in PVC). Here’s how she made them:

I use agar and food waste and I rely on the natural decay of the ingredients to sustain the mold. It is quite a natural process. Once the garment is created and sealed, the mould becomes visible in approximately 2 days and lives for a few months changing colours and texture inside.

Repulsive? Eh. The fashion world has given us worse. Much, much worse.

[Images courtesy of Ninela Ivanova; hat tip to Fashioning Tech]SL