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Porsche's New Atlanta HQ Is “The Essence Of The Porsche Driving Experience”

HOK, one of the largest architecture firms in the United States, has won a commission to design Porsche’s mammoth new U.S. headquarters in Atlanta. The concept: Turn the go-go feeling of zipping around in a Porsche into brick and mortar (or more precisely, glass and steel).

[The test track cuts through the heart of the building, so denizens can constantly see cars zipping past their windows]

"HOK’s goal was to capture the essence of the Porsche brand and performance," HOK Design Director Todd Bertsch tells Co.Design. "To do this, we designed a movement-filled building that celebrates the unique Porsche driving experience. Our design encourages interaction with Porsche vehicles at every turn."

The renderings show a low-slung behemoth topped by a large green roof that slopes up and down around an atrium and a central courtyard. Spread over around 200,000 square feet, the $80 million to $100 million building will house offices for up to 400 employees, training space, and a "world-class Porsche Customer Experience Center." It’ll even include a track that cuts that through the heart of the building so that visitors can "feel, see, hear and experience the essence of the Porsche driving experience," Bertsch says. (And also smell it?)

The headquarters are expected to open in 2013.

[Images courtesy of HOK]