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Wanted: Salt And Pepper “Spheres” That You Squeeze Instead Of Shake

Salt and pepper shakers are a great invention unless you’re a salt freak (like me), and you have to sit there dousing your chicken—watching impatiently as the salt trickles way-too-slowly out of those way-too-tiny holes—for what seems like an eternity. Flip & tumble have a clever alternative: Salt and pepper holders that let you squeeze out as much or as little seasoning as you want.

Aptly named Squeezers, each comes in a bright, squishy silicone sphere that looks more like a stress ball than something that belongs in the kitchen. Give it a pinch, and a valve at the bottom opens up, releasing a stream of salt or pepper. The harder you squeeze, the more the valve opens, so you control how much seasoning sprinkles your plate and how quickly it gets there. When you release the pressure, the valve seals tightly. That means that instead of passing the salt, you’re free to roll it, and it won’t spill all over the place.

Rolling, squishing, squeezing? Sounds like play time! Which was precisely the idea. "The design of the squeezers was intended to take a routine adult task and introduce an element of play," a spokeswoman for Flip & Tumble tells Co.Design. Just don’t have too much fun. Even I don’t want my dinner to end up tasting like sea water.

A set of Squeezers costs $24 and is available in green, orange or black and white.

[Hat tip to Design Milk; images courtesy of flip & tumble]