Dieter Rams’s 10 Principles Of Good Design, Revealed In 10 Clever Posters

It’s impossible to overstate the influence that Dieter Rams has had on today’s crop of designers, whether you’re talking about Jonathan Ive or Felix Ng. Don’t know about Felix Ng?

Ng is a young Singapore designer and journalist who was so inspired by Rams (“In a way, he put me on the right path,” Ng tells Co.Design), he recently curated an exhibit in which 10 like-minded designers created posters that visualize the German legend’s venerated 10 principles of good design.

The images range from reverential (a sketch of Rams’s built-to-last Vitsoe shelves for “Good design is environmentally friendly”) to jokey (a guy with his pants down for “Good design is honest”) to borderline baffling (a pair of speaker-shaped boobs for “Good design is aesthetic”). No idea if Rams himself would approve of the posters, but he’d have to grant them this: They’re certainly innovative. Incidentally, innovation is “good design” principle No. 1.

[Images courtesy of Felix Ng]SL