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8 Mind-Bending Animated GIFs By Micaël Reynaud

Now the medium’s getting really exciting, with artful experiments that are one part goofy, one part surreal.

8 Mind-Bending Animated GIFs By Micaël Reynaud

Let 2011 be known as the year of the animated GIF. Doesn’t exactly roll off the tongue, but it conveys Co.Design’s collective love of a new medium that has held us in thrall these past six months. To recap: First, we posted Jamie Beck and Kevin Burg’s artfully rendered New York tableaus, which blurred the line between photography and video. Then we stumbled across Gustaf Mantel’s earlier GIFs, which re-create Stanley Kubrick’s creepiest film scenes.

Now, Micaël Reynaud has opened our eyes to the creative potential of the format, with GIFs that are like surreal digital flipbooks, though Reynaud describes them as “hypnotic very short films.” The freelance designer also works in stop-motion animation, though he’s partial to GIFs for their added fluidity. His chosen motifs range from morphing portraits to pizza bubbling in the oven: “I think no matter the subject, everything can be interesting,” he tells Co.Design. “And most of the time, it’s a pretext for playing and experiment.”


Made using 15 portraits from Michael Jang’s “Summer Weather” series.





We can’t wait to see how GIFs develop into 2012. In the meantime, we’ll savor these.

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