Bridge Makes You Feel Like Moses, Parting The Red Sea

With the exception of prophets and the occasional hacky Vegas illusionist, humans cannot, for all their wishful thinking, walk on water. At least they couldn’t until RO&AD Architecten came along. The Dutch architects have built a magical bridge that turns everyday Joes into a 21st-century Moses.

The aptly named Moses Bridge carves into a moat in Halsteren, a tiny village in the southern Netherlands. Made of wood and covered in waterproof foil, the bridge is almost completely submerged, its upper edge nearly flush with the water line.

It’s a masterful optical illusion. Seen from above, the bridge appears like a narrow trench. From a distance, it seems to disappear altogether. And it must be spectacularly fun to traverse. Who wants to read overwrought science fiction about the parting of the seas when you can experience it for yourself?!

Our concern is that the bridge seems awfully prone to flooding. What happens, say, in a storm, when the moat’s water levels rise? Ad Kil (the “Ad” in RO&AD) assures Co.Design that the bridge is designed for such contingencies, with a pump at the bottom of the structure that filters out excess water. Alas, it’s not magic, just good engineering.

[Images courtesy of RO&AD; hat tip to]