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Wanted: ODDIO1 Headphones Make The iPod Shuffle Cool Again

Remember how awesome the watch strap for the iPod Nano was? This is like that but for the Shuffle.

Wanted: ODDIO1 Headphones Make The iPod Shuffle Cool Again

Sometimes an idea is so obviously good, it’s hard to know what to say about it other than "that’s clever" while grinning ear to ear. Last year’s unbelievably successful Kickstarter darling LunaTik, designed by Scott Wilson, was one of those. It took the new square iPod Nano, which kind of looks like a watch, and gave it a watch strap, raising nearly $1 million along the way. The ODDIO1 by Jeremy Saxton and Jacob Hall is like that but for the Shuffle.

It’s a pair of headphones. You snap your Shuffle directly into the chassis, completely eliminating the need for headphone cords and so eliminating the need to untangle headphone cords. Much like Wilson’s watch straps, the headphones are intended to the sell the Shuffle to those that haven’t really wanted one yet. "With the advent of the touch screen, love for the Shuffle has waned. With ODDIO1 we are trying to promote and revitalize the Shuffle as a minimal musical satellite for the iPhone," he says, "Its minimal nature is great for exercise but we felt constrained plugging headphones into something the size of a postage stamp."

The headphones are aimed at people with active lifestyles, meaning people who are into the kind of activities that aren’t conducive to carrying an $800 pocket computer made of glass. It’s such a clever move. By getting the music player off the body and eliminating the cord, the ODDIO1 minimizes encumbrance. The resulting package seems perfectly designed for the Shuffle use case. It can’t get in your way, and the combined Shuffle and headphones are cheap enough that it eliminates the fear that makes people leave their smartphone MP3 players at home.

[Donate to the project on Kickstarter]