Watch This Lady Make Models Of Famous Buildings Using Junk

“I no longer know what architecture is or what an architect does,” Spanish designer Luis Urculo writes on his Vimeo page. Which might help explain why, in the film he made below, he seems to have confused a bunch of household crap for famous buildings.

The video is called Covers, and in it, a woman uses books, candles, dishes, old stereos, and in one instance, an expertly arrayed set of knives, to methodically build models of everything from SANAA’s New Museum and Frank Lloyd Wright’s Guggenheim, both in New York, to Bertrand Goldberg’s Marina City towers in Chicago and MVRDV’s wacky Wozoco apartments in Amsterdam. It’s pretty fun to watch, though it’d be a lot more fun if Urculo didn’t give away which stack of books/dishes/stereos represents which building (guess he knows more about “what architecture is” than he lets on). Wanna try and match them up on your own? Scroll through our our slideshow (we left the pictures unlabeled) then check your answers below.

Answers: 1. Fallingwater by Frank Lloyd Wright; 2. John Hancock Center by SOM; 3. the New Museum by SANAA; 4. Marina City towers by Bertrand Goldberg; 5. the Guggenheim in New York by Frank Lloyd Wright; 6. Sears (now Willis) Tower by SOM; 7. National Congress of Brasil by Oscar Niemeyer; 8. Wozoco by MVRDV; 9. Villa in the Forest by SANAA; 10. the Farnsworth House by Mies van der Rohe.

[Images courtesy of Luis Urculo; hat tip to Architizer]SL