A Christmas Calendar Filled With 3-D Printed Chocolates

Forget about wasting your money this holiday season on some crappy advent calendar full of crappy chocolate done up in crappy Christmas iconography. (Who wants to eat Santa’s face on Christmas Eve? That’s just weird.) Now, thanks to rapid-prototyping technology, you can customize your own advent calendar, then print out the chocolates on demand.

At least that’s what the clever folks over at Moving Brands, a London-based design studio, have done. Each day of the month leading up to December 24, a different employee designs and prints a unique three-dimensional chocolate using the office’s hot new toy, a RepRap rapid prototyping machine. So far, the designs range from a champagne cork to the initials of a designer and his new wife (awwwww) to, our favorite, a collection of five fruits and vegetables (a must tastier way to meet that nagging “five a day” recommendation). Each is displayed in an advent calendar mounted behind the studio’s window.

Moving Brands boasts that what it has created are “the world’s highest resolution 3D printed chocolates.” Impressive. But don’t get too excited. “You’re more than welcome to sample [the chocolate] if you pop by the studio,” the designers write on their site. “Assuming you’re prepared to eat something that’s had a hefty amount of Maplin’s freezer spray applied during its construction.”

[Images courtesy of Motion Brands]SL