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Jaime Hayon’s Kooky Porcelain Dolls Nod To Kidrobot

Collaborating with famed high porcelain maker Lladró, the artist jumps into the toy market with his own limited-edition porcelain characters.

Jaime Hayon’s Kooky Porcelain Dolls Nod To Kidrobot

Remember the Dunny? The "devil bunny" vinyl toy collectible characters that illustrators would design over and then people would buy so they could sell them for more on eBay? Just in time for Christmas, the high porcelain manufacturer Lladró has done the Kidrobot set one better with its own line of characters, called "The Guest," designed by Jaime Hayon and similar in style if not in material. Two additional versions were created by Tokyo-based design collective Devilrobots, famous for their own To-Fu Oyako character, and Tim Biskup, the L.A.-based painter known for his pop surrealist monster characters.

The main challenge in making the collection was getting the drawings submitted by the designers faithfully reproduced at all, Hayon tells Co.Design. The coloring was difficult too. Lladró still operates using a handmade process that is carried out in artisan workshops in "The City of Porcelain," Valencia, Spain.

But Hayon, a native Spaniard and artistic advisor to the brand, says the workers eventually figured it out. One of the major benefits of trying to do something like this in porcelain, he says, is that it is highly versatile. "It is a material that admits almost any shape and decoration," he says.

The first three Guests are available in two sizes, a large in a limited edition of 250 units and a small in a numbered series. More information here.