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Watch A 2-Minute Primer On How To Design An Iconic Brand

Forget blowing $100,000 on d-school. Learn the principles of identity design in this brief animated video.

Watch A 2-Minute Primer On How To Design An Iconic Brand

Iconic brands aren’t magic. Nor are they an ineffable something-or-other that materializes only in the hands of a singular design genius (though plenty of designers will tell you otherwise). Fact is, great branding can be achieved by following a few basic design principles. So here’s a cheat sheet, condensed into a 2-minute-42-second animation, by motion designer Erica Gorochow:

If you’ve already been to d-school, a lot of this stuff will sound like graphic design 101 (contrasts create tension, a typeface can act as a product’s voice, and so forth), though the animations offer nice visual explanations that are probably way more compelling than anything your boring prof slipped into a PowerPoint presentation. And if you haven’t? Watch closely. As one astute observer on Gorochow’s Vimeo page notes, you’ll be saving yourself a boatload on tuition.

[Hat tip to Likecool]